About us


www.infobhan.shop is the online shopping activity of M/S Infobhan Systems & Services. 

INFOBHAN Systems & Services is one of the reckoned IT company in Qatar established in the year 1995. Rapidly changing business state of
affairs and latest technologies being introduced day by day, always raises the  requirement and also alter the existing software to match the latest technology by not changing the methodologies defined for good software. Our team has 22 years of experience in the industry of IT services and systems. We have command over the platforms of virtual servers, mail boxes, web hosting, premium DNS, routing, core and edge switching etc. We also excel in Internet security, E-fax, Virtual office, Help desk, System Administration, Firewall Administration and many other IT solutions on call-off and contract basis.
We have a rich experience of delivering the smartest software and IT solutions to our clients in the field of E- commerce, IT infrastructure solutions, Data center and Service Desk Outsourcing operations.
We aim to provide products of technology, services, know-how and solutions that are qualitatively process oriented with full life cycle at competitive cost of ownership (COO) and return on investment (ROI).
We help to build reliable IT infrastructure throughout various businesses of humanity that challenges change
against time. Our firm has the vision to support Qatar on its national and global visions, ideals and goals.